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Occasionally we may have some new trailer mounted BBQ Smokers available for sale.

We have currently sold over 7000 BBQ Smoker CDs through our websites and on eBay. Pictured below are but a few of the smokers which have been built using the information contained in our BBQ Smoker CD.


"Just wanted to let you know that I just finished building a smoker using your CD. The information in the CD was great. Answered all my questions and allowed me to build the smoker that I wanted. I am including a picture (below) of the finished smoker. The pipe diameter is 26" and the wall thickness is 1/4". The smoke chamber is 56" long and the firebox is 24" long."


We received this letter and photograph from Bill Mills, a professional farrier from Preston, Maryland, who bought the Combined BBQ Smoker/Recipe/Trailer Cd:

Dear Mr. Jones,

I would venture to say I have done 100 Internet searches in the past year looking for help in building a smoker. I was sick of the Wal-Mart maybe one season model that never worked that well to begin with. Well in May I went out to crank up my latest model and it would not work. I came in and fired up the internet AGAIN and got a hit on your CD. I looked at it and realized that it was good enough for me to give it a shot.

After reading all the information you provided I decided if I could find a used trailer it would save me some time (since I work six days a week). In the mean while, I bought a used 300 gallon upright propane tank for $40.00 from a local Propane company. Even as much as I travel I was unable to find a trailer that would work.

Based on your CD I put together a materials list and decided to build the smoker from the ground up. After getting the steel ordered and delivered (which in my area is like pulling teeth) I got started. Prior to starting around mid June, based on my work load and the fact that I'm a self taught welder, my goal was to try to have it done by Thanksgiving.

Well your CD was so well documented and precise I fired her up and cooked my first smoked turkey on Sunday 8/28/05. I still have a few more meals to cook before I master how to operate it. But the first meal taught me a lot already. I just hope my family can live through the learning curve. The smoker performed great - I just have to learn my heat better and how to control it. I'll get it.

Even though I work with steel all day (I'm a farrier that's why the draft horse shoe door stops) my hobby is welding and I had a blast making it. The purpose of my letter is to thank you for $24.90 well spent. In today's world you very seldom get what you pay for. I sent you a few pictures so you could see what a amateur welder could do with your CD."

Photo above: Copyright 2005, Bill Mills. All Rights Reserved.






We received this email from Ken Andrews of Canada:

"Another 'Texas Off-Set Smoker' is born but only this time in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I purchased your CD in January and made this BBQ my winter project.  I found the information very informative and only changed a few details such as using a screw type inlet draft and using 6" stove pipe for the exhaust.  It cooks great and thanks for the plans and explanations."

The two photos above are Copyright 2006, Ken Andrews. All Rights Reserved.



Doug Maggard of Kentucky sent us some photos of the very impressive smoker he built after purchasing one of our BBQ Smoker Cds. We have dedicated a separate web page which has 22 photos. It may take a bit of time to load, but it's worth the wait! Here's what Doug had to say:

"I worked on this baby for almost a whole year, on and off, and I really put a lot of time and effort, not to mention thought and money into it. I fired it up today, once it heats all the steel up, the firebox stays around 400 degrees, and the cooking chamber stayed around 350, with the temperature almost exact from one end to the other."

Click Here to see the other photos of Doug's smoker

Doug Weeks of Wyoming recently finished his BBQ Smoker project and sent us some photos (2012):

In 2014, Doug built a second BBQ Smoker using a 500 gallon tank.

Email From: Doug Weeks

May 1, 2014 at 3:14 PM


I am almost done with the newest build, trailer needs paint and some odds and ends I want to complete. I have attached some photos of the smoker and of the first ribs cooked at a local branding. Your plans are still the best. The smoker keeps a very constant temp from one end of the pit to the other, within 10-20 degrees. I did not know if that was going to be possible.

Email from Mike Leahey - Sep 8, 2014:

I've been meaning to send you an email about the results of following your plans and information. I did use a 7' X 30" diameter pressure tank (never used, still had the plastic plugs in the various holes), cut out the doors with a Metabo grinder with slicer blades. I did all the welding on the smoker myself, I had a guy build the trailer to set it on...I did not feel comfortable taking on that part.

The temperature from one end to the other is nearly identical and even when I open the the farther door the temp comes back up fairly quickly. The cooking results have been better than I ever thought it would be. I owe the success of this build to the detailed information in your pages, and the pictures also helped a lot as well.

I have numerous cooks on this smoker, although I'm out of state currently working on a construction project, every long weekend that I'm home this bad boy gets fired up. The smoke ring in my "butts" is beautiful, the briskets come out juicy and the ribs kick ass! Of course this has to do with watching the fire, keeping the heat well maintained and wrapping the meats at the proper time...Watching the "Pit Masters" shows has really helped in my success. Anyway, I completed this project last summer just before July 4th weekend and it was a real hit with my friends and family. I have attached some pics for your viewing, one is with meat early in the smoking process. Thanks again.


Mike Leahey