The Civil War In Photographs

The Civil War Photo Cd contains over 3000 image files and two booklets . One is a 13 page chronology of the Civil War and the other is a 39 page booklet about the Battle of Gettysburg.

Some of the photo collections contained on the CD are presented as albums within Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program, you can download it for free at the Adobe website:

The other photographs and images contained on the Cd are in the form of jpg files, which can be viewed individually with the default graphics program on your computer, or they can be viewed within each subdirectory on the Cd as a Slide Show by double left clicking your mouse on a file named "00SlideShow.exe".

 Contents of the Civil War Photo CD, where "D" is your CD drive:
D:\ root directory - contains the autorun menu files and the html file of cd instructions.

D:\CivilWarAtAGlance\ - contains a PDF file which gives a brief chronology of the Civil War.

D:\CivilWarImages\ - contains 4 subdirectories, and 12 sub-subdirectories of jpg image files. Contains over 2200 images.

D:\DrawingsPostersEnvelopes\ - contains 6 albums of images in PDF files.

D:\GettysburgNationalPark\ - contains an illustrated 39 page PDF file about the Battle of Gettysburg.

D:\JohnHayPhotoAlbum\ - John Hay was a personal secretary to Abraham Lincoln. It contains a PDF file of John Hay's 207 page photo album.

D:\Maps\ - contains 62 images of various maps of the Civil War.

D:\StereoscopicPhotoAlbum\ - contains a PDF file with 729 pages of stereoscopic photographs.

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The Civil War Book Collection

The Civil War Book Collection Cd contains 53 books. Among the collection are histories, biographies, autobiographies, speeches, and novels.


Directory structure of the Civil War Book Collection CD, where "D" is your CD drive:

D:\ root directory - contains the autorun files and this html file of
cd instructions

D:\AbrahamLincoln\ - contains 5 books:

 1. Complete Works Of Abraham Lincoln -
    edited by John G. Nicolay & John Hay (1894 edition - 381 pages)
 2. Life of Abraham Lincoln -
    by Joseph H. Barrett (1865 edition - 855 pages)
 3. Life of Abraham Lincoln, "The Storytelling President" -
    by Joseph H. Barrett  (1902 edition - 813 pages)
 4. The History of Abraham Lincoln and the Overthrow of Slavery -
    by Isaac N. Arnold  (1866 edition - 734 pages)
 5. The Life of Abraham Lincoln -
      by Ida Tarbell (1900 edition - 279 pages)

D:\CivilWarHistories\ - contains 16 books:

 1. A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy (Volume I)
      by James D. Richardson (1905 edition - 661 pages)
 2. Campfires of the Confederacy (Confederate Poems and Selected Songs)
      edited by Ben LaBree (1898 - 566 pages)
 3. Civil War At A Glance (chronology of major battles)
      assembled by the National Park Service - 13 pages
 4. Confederate Echoes:
    A Voice From The South In The Days Of Secession And Of The Southern
    Confederacy - by Rev. Albert T. Goodloe,M.D. (1907 - 466 pages)
 5. Cullings From The Confederacy (a collection of southern poems, incidents, and facts)
      compiled by Nora Fontaine Davidson (1903 - 168 pages)
 6. The Diplomatic History of the Southern Confederacy
      by James Morton Callahan, PhD. (1901 - 312 pages)
 7. Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on the South
      by George Edmonds (1904 - 281 pages)
 8. Gettysburg National Military Park - (39 pages)
      assembled by the National Park Service
 9. The Causes of the American Civil War - A Letter To the London Times
      by John Lothrop Motley (1861 - 32 pages)
 10. The Cradle of the Confederacy - A Sketch of the Political History From
      The Formation of the Federal Government To 1861.
      by Joseph Hodgson (1876 - 540 pages)
 11. The Crisis of the Confederacy - A History of Gettysburg and The Wilderness -
        by Cecil Bettine (1905 - 498 pages)
 12. The Day of the Confederacy - A Chronicle of the Embattled South
      by Nathaniel W. Stephenson (1919 - 220 pages)
 13. The Lost Cause; A New Southern History of the War of the Confederates
      by Edward A. Pollard (1867 - 763 pages)
 14. The Photographic History of the Civil War - Volume 7 - Prisons and Hospitals -
       edited by Holland Thompson, PhD. (1911 - 351 pages)
 15. The Sunset Of The Confederacy
      by Morris Schaff (1912 - 326 pages)
 16. Who's The Patriot? A Story Of The Confederacy
      by Flora McDonald Williams (1886 - 288 pages)

D:\JeffersonDavis\ - contains 7 books:

 1. Genealogy Of Jefferson Davis
      by William H. Whitsitt (1908 - 18 pages)
 2. Jefferson Davis
      by Armistead C. Gordon (1918 - 305 pages)
 3. Jefferson Davis - His Life and Personality
      by Morris Schaff (1922 - 283 pages)
 4. Jefferson Davis
      by William E. Dodd, PhD. (1907 - 392 pages)
 5. On Withdrawing From The Union
      A speech by Jefferson Davis, which he delivered to the US Senate
      on Jan 21, 1861.
 6. Prison Life of Jefferson Davis
      by John J. Craven (1866 - 318 pages)
 7. The Davis Memorial Volume; or Our Dead President, Jefferson Davis, and
      the World's Tribute to His Memory. -
      by J. William Jones (1890 - 721 pages)

D:\NathanBedfordForrest\ - contains 1 biography:

 1. Life of Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest
      by John Allan Wyeth (1908 - 789 pages)

D:\RobertEdwardLee\ - contains 12 books:

 1. A Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee
      by John Esten Cooke (1876 - 631 pages)
 2. Address On The Life and Character of Gen. Robert E. Lee -
      A speech by Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton delivered on Oct 12, 1871
      before the Society of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors, in Maryland. (54 pages)
 3. General Robert E. Lee After Appomattox
      edited by Franklin Riley (1922 - 283 pages)
 4. Memoirs of Robert E. Lee
      edited by A. L. Long and Marcus J. Wright (1886 - 739 pages)
 5. Personal Reminiscenses, Anecdotes, and Letters of Gen. Robert E. Lee
      by J. William Jones (1875 - 572 pages)
 6. Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee
      by his son, Capt. Robert E. Lee (1905 - 488 pages)
 7. Robert E. Lee and The Southern Confederacy
      by Henry Alexander White (1897 - 556 pages)
 8. Robert E. Lee
      by Bradley Gilman (1915 - 222 pages)
 9. Robert E. Lee
      edited by M. A. DeWolfe Howe (1899 - 154 pages) (Beacon Biographies series)
 10. Robert E. Lee Centennial Celebration of His Birth
      -Two speeches delivered at the University of South Carolina on
      January 19, 1907 by Major Young and Dr. Joynes (35 pages)
 11. Robert E. Lee, Man and Soldier
      by Thomas Nelson Page (1911 - 765 pages)
 12. The Early Life, Campaigns, and Public Services of Robert E. Lee
      by P. Edward Alfred (1871 - 862 pages - The book also contains
      brief biographies of 47 other Civil War Generals.)

D:\Slavery\ - contains 5 books:

 1. A South Side View of Slavery
      by Nehemia Adams (1860 - 214 pages)
 2. Modern Reform Examined; or The Union of North and South on the Subject
      of Slavery - by Joseph C. Stiles (1858 - 308 pages)
 3. The Constitution, A Pro-Slavery Compact
      edited by Wendell Phillips (1856 - 210 pages)
 4. The Refugee: Or the Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada
      edited by Benjamin Drew (1856 - 411 pages)
 5. Uncle Tom's Cabin
      by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1852 - 651 pages)

D:\UlyssesSimpsonGrant\ - contains 4 books:

 1. Campaign of 1880 - speeches delivered by U.S. Grant during the Campaign of 1880.
 2. General Grant's Letters To A Friend -
    A collection of 48 letters written by U.S. Grant to his friend, Elihu B. Washburne,
    between 1861 and 1880.
 3. Personal Memoirs Of U. S. Grant, Volume I
      by Ulysses S. Grant (1886 - 164 pages)
 4. Personal Memoirs Of U. S. Grant, Volume II
      by Ulysses S. Grant (1886 - 647 pages)

D:\WilliamTecumsehSherman\ - contains 3 books:

 1. Home Letters of General Sherman
      edited by M. A. DeWolfe Howe (1909 - 416 pages)
 2. Memoirs of Gen. William T. Sherman, Volume I
      by William Tecumseh Sherman (1891 - 419 pages)
 3. Memoirs of Gen. William T. Sherman, Volume II
      by William Tecumseh Sherman (1891 - 637 pages)

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