Super Moist Smoked Chickens Every Time!


Heavy Duty Rack
Constructed From 1" x 1" by 1/8th Inch Thick Steel Angle and 
1" x 1/8th Inch thick Flat Steel Band formed into two Can Rings

Overall Dimensions: 12"x 8" x 2"

After you have built your BBQ Smoker, you will probably have some left over scrap pieces of steel angle and flat steel band. You can use the pieces to make your own heavy duty bbq chicken rack. 

The two longer pieces of steel angle which support the two can rings are 10 inches long and the shorter pieces of angle on the ends are 8 inches long. The two 10 inch pieces are spaced 3 inches apart at the top edges where the can rings are attached.

The two can rings are made out of  8 1/2 inch long pieces of  1"x 1/8th" thick flat steel band. You can use a short piece of pipe or a large socket which is slightly larger in diameter than a beer can in order to form the can rings. You can clamp one end of the flat steel band to the pipe or to the socket with a pair of vise grips and then use a pair of channel lock pliers to "wrap" the band around the outside of the pipe or socket to form the ring. Note that the ring will not form a complete circle - there will be about a one inch gap remaining after it is wrapped around the pipe or socket. This allows you to be able to adjust the size of the ring by hand so that it will fit the cans. 

The two can rings are then welded to the top edges of the 2 ten inch pieces of angle. You can see in the photo above that the bottoms of the cans sit upon the horizontal runners formed by the two 10 inch long pieces of angle. 



*Trim the excess skin from the bottom and top ends of the chickens.
*Apply your favorite bbq rub to the outer skin and to the inside of the chickens.
*Open the beer cans and pour out (or drink!) about 1/3 of each beer.
*Create a couple of more openings in the top of each can and pour a little of your bbq rub into the beer.
*Place the beer cans in the rings on the rack, then place the chickens on top of the beer cans so that the cans extend into the body cavities of the chickens.
*Place the rack inside your smoker at about 275-300 degrees for two to three hours or until done.

Instead of using beer, some people have used orange juice or Wishbone brand Italian salad dressing in the cans with excellent results. You can always experiment with your own mixtures.

The DOUBLE BEER CAN BBQ CHICKEN COOKING RACK can also be used in gas grills or conventional ovens by placing the rack inside a disposable aluminum pan or a regular baking pan.